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Welcome to CN Rood

Service - Support - Calibration

Can't get your brand new instruments or device working quite the way you want to? Or are you having technical difficulties with it? Please give us a call !

Many of our products are serviced and, if needed, repaired* in our own facilities. Our engineers are trained and certified by the manufacturers. If your product needs to be calibrated, just contact us.


Support locations:

C.N. Rood B.V.
Blauw-roodlaan 280
2718 SK Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
C.N. Rood N.V./S.A.
Z.1. Researchpark 40
B-1731 Zellik
Phone +31.79.360.00.18
Phone +32.2.467.03.50


* Repair procedure









Return the defective product to one of the above mentioned locations, addressed to 'service department'. Please include the following details in the box:

  (1) Detailed problem description

  (2) Contact details (name, e-mail, phone etc. of the person responsible for this repair in your company) 

  (3) Return address

After receipt of your product we will confirm receipt by e-mail.

Your product will be investigated and, if out of warranty, you will receive a quotation for repair.

We will return the product after receipt of the duly signed quotation.