Vulcan L4-7 Test Platform

Brand: XENA
Vulcan Layer 4-7 Test Platform Gigabit Ethernet Traffic Generation & Analysis

Xena’s L4-7 test platform is the industry’s easiest to deploy. Here are some examples:

  • The software is native to Windows, and can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Double-click to launch, enter an IP address and a password, and you are ready to test.
  • Centralized upgrades make it quick and easy to install the latest software across multiple testers for immediate access to the newest features and bug fixes.
  • All devices can be administered from the same user-friendly GUI to ensure fast, efficient testing – without the big learning curve that go with our competitors’ products.
  • To make remote testing even easier, Xena offers Phantom – a browser-based (HTML5) user-interface that lets engineers access their test system from any OS.
  • Xena’s L4-7test solutions are also ready for virtualization ensuring low-cost future-proof migration to cloud-based testing.
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Product specifications

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Manufacturer XENA XEN-Vulcan


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Product description

VulcanBay, Xena’s L4-7 test platform, offers big-scale ultra-high performance testing. A flexible licensing system for enabling up to 28 Packet Engines ensures scalable test performance. The traffic generation and analysis capabilities of the VulcanBay are accessed via VulcanManager, a Windows GUI client provided for ad-hoc test execution, and remote management of test equipment located in multiple locations.

This 19” rack-mountable chassis has 28 Packet Engines and comes in three port configurations: 12x10GE ports, 12x25GE ports or a combination of 8x25GE + 2x40GE ports. Speeds are enabled via upgradeable licenses.
Massive Performance Testing:
Xena’s L4-7 test platform delivers blistering performance and capacity. This means
realistic 1G/2.5G/5G/10G/25G/40G traffic generation:

  • 24 million Concurrent Connections (CC)*
  • 6 million Connections Per Second (CPS)**
  • 1.2 million Concurrent TLS Sessions, 14,000 TLS Sessions Per Second
  • 6 million HTTP Connections Per Second, 7 million HTTP Transactions Per Second (TPS)***
  • Capture capacity: 40 million x 128 bytes buffers / 4 million full-size buffers

* 24M TCP Clients and 24M TCP Servers on one XenaScale
** Measured at 1M CC per 10G port
*** Measured at 10 transactions per connection