TA386 Passive probe

Brand: Picotech
200 MHz switchable passive probe, BNC
40,00 €

Product specifications

Mer information
Manufacturer Picotech
Art.nr PIC-TA386

Product description

Passive oscilloscope probes

Our ergonomically designed passive oscilloscope probes are suitable for use with all major brands of oscilloscopes as well as the PicoScope range of USB Oscilloscopes. Passive probes don't require a power supply or batteries so are lightweight and easily portable.

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Passive oscilloscope probe: 200 MHz bandwidth 1:1/10:1 switchable, BNC

The TA386 is a passive switchable oscilloscope probe, with a bandwidth of 200 MHz. This probe is an upgraded version of our TA131 which includes many improvements to enhance durability, ease of use and performance, such as:

  • Redesigned probe tip allows removal and refitting of replacement tips
  • Replacement TA385 spring tips and TA384 rigid tips are available separately
  • Redesigned probe hook accessory fitting
  • Upgraded high durability probe cable