Brand: Picotech
Oscilloscope probe 1.5GHz, x10, 50 ohm, SMA
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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Picotech
Art.nr PIC-TA061

Product description

About the TA061 probe

The TA061 probe sets new standards in high performance probing. The compact design with only 2.5 mm housing diameter at the probe tip is ideal for measurements of SMT components. It provides a much better visibility over of the device under test than conventional 5 mm probe housing designs. The exchangeable probe tip, a special Pico Technology feature, is also available for the TA061 probe. The gold-plated spring contact and the rigid tip are only 0.5 mm in diameter. Replacement of the tip is easy and convenient for the engineer.

Passive oscilloscope probes

Our ergonomically designed passive oscilloscope probes are suitable for use with all major brands of oscilloscopes as well as the PicoScope range of USB Oscilloscopes. Passive probes don't require a power supply or batteries so are lightweight and easily portable.

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1.5 GHz low-impedance passive oscilloscope probe 10:1 with SMA

The TA061 is a low-impedance, low-capacitance probe designed for use with oscilloscopes that have 50 Ω input impedance and a SMA input connector.


  • Narrow 2.5 mm diameter at the probe tip
  • New IC contact system for 0.5 to 1.27 mm pitch
  • Interchangeable spring contact tip
  • Ideal for measurements of SMT components
  • Coaxial design
  • Low input capacitance