Sparrow MTS 30

Brand: Digitaltest
The Sparrow provides the highest level of flexibility and test capability in a small 19" rack.
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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Digitaltest DIG-MTS30


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Product description

The Sparrow MTS 30 is a 19“ test system that can be integrated into any standard rack. The In-Circuit tester can also be used as a benchtop test system. With this compact and flexible tester you can perform both analog and digital In-Circuit and functional tests.

In spite of its small footprint the Sparrow features 9 slots for module cards with up to 1,152 test pins, which are available as analog or hybrid pins or even a combination of the two. In addition, the benchtop tester can accommodate up to four programmable power supplies.

With the proven In-Circuit and functional test modules you can handle the majority of all possible test scenarios, simply and economically.

  • Up to 1,152 pins
  • Maximum board size (mm): Unlimited
  • System size (LxWxD): 483 x 178 x 5,700 mm
  • Analog and digital in-circuit test (low voltage technology), functional test, end-of-line test, Boudary Scan
  • Available as Lambda Edition for real parallel testing