Brand: Telestream
Cricket QAM Plus

Surveyor™ Family

The Telestream Surveyor family offers solutions that will meet your QoS monitoring needs, whether you are dealing with Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming or traditional linear broadcast video delivery, or both at the same time. Surveyor solutions can be targeted at the core, edge, or access region of both managed and unmanaged networks. In ABR streaming networks, they are well-suited for helping to establish and track Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Telestream
Art.nr TEL-S-Cricket


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Product description

Cricket™ QAM Plus

You operate a cable network. You need an easy-to-use, low-cost, portable and easily deployed auditing, monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting tool for use across QAM last-mile video transport.

The Cricket QAM Plus has you covered. Cricket QAM Plus is perfect for monitoring each service group within an RF network. The Cricket QAM Plus offers two tuners, providing more monitoring coverage and continuous scanning of the QAM channels quickly alerting operators to RF outages and video issues. Cricket QAM Plus is not only a video MPEG monitoring probe, but it can be utilized as an inexpensive, portable QAM RF Analyzer providing constellation diagrams, MER, BER, Reed-Solomon metrics, and power levels. Cricket QAM Plus is a versatile tool providing service group monitoring and analysis for MPEG video quality issues and RF signal integrity. It can be mailed overnight to the subscriber premise to automatically begin measuring and logging live video statistics remotely. In many cases, service providers can start measuring issues faster than it takes to issue a work order and roll a truck. Cricket QAM Plus products can be used standalone, or as part of a multi-element video quality assurance platform through the use of iQ Video Managementsolutions such as iVMS and cVOC.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Remote monitoring of up to two QAM RF channels / MPEG transport streams simultaneously
  • Modulation support:
    • Annex A, B & C versions available
    • QAM 64 and 256
    • Upstream channel duplexer
  • RF Measurements and Analysis
    • Tuner signal loss
    • Carrier level
    • MER and EVM
    • Pre FEC BER and RS correctable count
    • Post RS uncorrectable count
    • Constellation diagrams
    • Carrier offset (in Hz)
    • Symbol rate offset (in ppm)
  • MPEG Measurements and Analysis
    • Supports SD and HD MPEG over SPTS and MPTS
    • MPEG monitoring and analysis to the PID level
    • Flexible alarm template configuration
    • Error detection according to TR 101 290
    • Transport stream and program metrics including CC loss, PID bitrates, Outages, and more
    • 80 MB triggered TS capture buffer
  • RF tuner
    • Supports frequencies up to 1 GHz
    • Up to two tuners on a single F connector
    • Dual SAW filters
    • Solid state tuner (no air coils)
    • Configurable Frequency scanning