S-ABR Active

Brand: Telestream
Surveyor ABR Active

Surveyor™ Family

The Telestream Surveyor family offers solutions that will meet your QoS monitoring needs, whether you are dealing with Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming or traditional linear broadcast video delivery, or both at the same time. Surveyor solutions can be targeted at the core, edge, or access region of both managed and unmanaged networks. In ABR streaming networks, they are well-suited for helping to establish and track Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Product description

Surveyor™ ABR Active

You need to assure that all of your adaptive bitrate (ABR) content — each and every bit rate rendition of every program — is available 24/7/365, and is able to be delivered with the required quality to provide a pristine viewer experience. You want to know that your content origin is operating within its performance envelope, and want to be sure that your delivery networks, including third-party CDNs, are performing to your expectations. You may even want the ability to deploy this solution across cloud-based infrastructure, and spin test nodes up and down as your needs demand.


Surveyor ABR Active is the right solution for you. It creates a synthetic client by requesting the video content, allowing for rapid fault detection and troubleshooting. Our proprietary VeriStream metric provides a color-coded at a glance QoS status for each and every video segment of each stream, giving you the intelligence needed to manage your 3rd party and unmanaged networks. Available in both appliance and licensable/virtualizable software formats, Surveyor ABR Active can be used standalone, or as part of a multi-element video quality assurance platform through the use of iQ Video Management solutions such as iVMS ASM and cVOC. Surveyor ABR Active is available in appliance-based, virtualized software and cloud-based formats.


Key Benefits

  • Accessibility verification, ensuring the content is accessible at each location across the distribution and access network.
  • Proactive visibility into the performance of video streams at any point from the origin server to the edge and the access network.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring of ABR video traffic using Synthetic Client technology acting like a client to request any asset variant.
  • Availability measured for each bitrate variant of a video asset to identify issues before customer impact.

Key Features

  • Active QoS & QoE monitoring for ABR video streaming supporting the following packaging formats:
    • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
    • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
    • Microsoft Smooth Stream (MSS)
    • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), also known as MPEG-DASH
  • 24/7 or scanning monitoring of live and on-demand content with asset-based multi-level drilldown into per segment statistics for rapid fault isolation and reducing mean time to diagnose (MTTD)
  • Asset service validation (manual or scheduled) ensuring asset availability for your entire on-demand library
  • Stream performance “at a glance” with Availability and the patented VeriStream QoS metric
  • Real-time streaming error notification with customized threshold configuration and configurable Availability parameters puts emphasis where you want it
  • Monitoring profiles support stream prioritization and differentiation groupings
  • Schedule-based Monitoring to optimize active monitoring using realistic constraints based on server load, bandwidth utilization and Content Delivery Network (CDN) costs
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion support with SCTE-35 monitoring, detection, decode and alarming
  • Full packet capture buffer based on customized trigger events for in-depth post-event analysis
  • Playlist error detection through dynamic parsing and conformance monitoring
  • Monitoring and alarming of HTTP errors (HTTP 4xx, 5xx)
  • Media File error detection • Playlist and Manifest file inspection
  • Keyless QoS measurement of encrypted streams
  • Advanced Encryption Standard – AES-128 support for HLS
  • Enhanced Traceroute for network analysis to measure for potential choke points in the distribution path
  • An Application Programming Interface (API) provides the ability to control the probe, schedule monitoring, and access the Surveyor ABR Active metrics and additional information