MacPanel SCOUT

Brand: MacPanel
MacPanel SCOUT Enhanced PXI Connectivity .
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Product description

SCOUT is the only PXI Connectivity Solution specifically designed to deliver the full performance potential of the PXI platform. SCOUT featuring the Direct Access Kit (DAK) is an innovative pull-through mass interconnect solution specifically designed to deliver the full performance of the PXI platform. DAK enables system designers to limit / eliminate traditional cabling by introducing a pull-through interface adapter. Through the utilization of fully enclosed PCBs or fixed-wire solutions, DAKs mitigate capacitance, signal crosstalk and other attenuation issues that plague conventional cable based ATE. The result is increased performance with a far higher degree of stability and up-time.

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SCOUT Benefits

  • Shortest Electrical Connection from PXI Chassis to Mass Interconnect System
  • Ease of System Integration/Maintenance
  • Eliminates Conventional Wiring Harnesses
  • Best Overall Electrical Performance