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Inspector LIVE

Inspector® Family

The Inspector family is designed to inspect and report on your content both before and after the encoding and transcoding process to assure the video is at its highest quality and ready for prime time. Along with an extensive list of standard features, our proprietary iQ MOS technology provides a simple score for your content’s perceptual quality level while other metrics allow you to align your delivery costs with the desired Quality of Experience (QoE). In addition, the Inspector products check that your content preparation process provides a smooth, Quality of Service (QoS)-friendly output. When a deeper inspection is necessary, stored metrics and data with thumbnail aligned visualizations and video stream captures are available for greater analysis.

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Product description

Inspector® LIVE

You receive and process many programs—multiple Gbps of content—for delivery over the ABR and/or linear network. That content must be encoded or transcoded, and checked for regulatory compliance before being sent downstream to viewers. You want to be sure that the content you are receiving is at the quality you expect, and that the quality you are producing through your own encoding workflow is at the levels that viewers demand, because mistakes here will affect ALL viewers. Inspector LIVE is your solution for meeting the 24/7/365 demands of high-density ABR and traditional linear video delivery. Inspector LIVE can be used standalone, or as part of a multi-element video quality assurance platform using iQ video management solutions such as iVMS, iVMS ASM and cVOC. Inspector LIVE is available in appliance-based, virtualized software and cloud-based formats.


Key Benefits

  • Measure video quality “on-the-fly”, before your content is delivered through the network.
  • Minimize customer service calls and “truck rolls”
  • Continuously evaluate the health and performance of your encoding/transcoding resources
  • Reduce cost and risk of regulatory compliance

Key Features

  • Simultaneous 24/7 QoE & QoS monitoring and analysis
  • Non-reference MOS-like scoring metric that relates directly to viewer perception
  • Detects, decodes, displays and logs the encoded High Dynamic Range (HDR), Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) parameters
  • Measure & monitor Audio Loudness ITU-R BS.1770
  • ABR Encoder Boundary Point decode and IDR Alignment visualization and alarming
  • SCTE-35 monitoring, detection, decode and alarming
  • Regulatory compliance checking including CALM Act compliance monitoring
  • Closed caption monitoring, alarming and reporting
  • Text track reporting
  • SI/PSI/PSIP decode, inspection and monitoring
  • Comprehensive GOP and FES monitoring & analysis
  • Customizable alarming and triggering
  • UTF-8 character encoding for naming purposes
  • Flexible video capture for analysis of events before, during and after issues occur
  • Open API for user access to the Inspector metrics and information