Brand: NI
PXI Digital Multimeter
PXIe-4080 High-Performance 6 1/2 Digit DMM and 300 V Digitizer
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Manufacturer NI
Art.nr NAI-783129-01


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Product description

The PXIe-4080 is a high-performance 6½-digit, 300 V DMM that provides the measurement capabilities found in two common test instruments| a high-resolution DMM and a digitizer. As a DMM, the PXIe-4080 delivers fast, accurate AC/DC
voltage, AC/DC current, 2- or 4-wire resistance, and frequency/period measurements, as well as diode tests. In the high-voltage, isolated digitizer mode, the PXIe-4080 can acquire waveforms at sample rates up to 1.8 MS/s.