Brand: Toellner
Wide-Band Amplifiers
Broadband amplifiers DC to 500 kHz with integral feedback voltage protection and 63 W output power
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Product specifications

Mer information
Manufacturer Toellner
Art.nr TOE-7608


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Product description

Function/signal generators generally provide signals with a small amplitude into 50-Ohm systems. Signal conditioning and amplification are therefore required in many technical areas. The TOE 7608 broadband amplifier is suitable as a non-inverting power output stage for the amplification of such signal sources. Each generator with an output voltage of 20 Vpp is able to cover the full operating range of the TOE 7608 amplifier; the power is 63 W into 8 Ohm at a max. output amplitude of 45 Vpp. The bandwidth is DC to 500 kHz. Overcurrent protection at the output, protection against feedback voltages, and overtemperature protection provide the amplifier with a high degree of operational safety. The TOE 7608 S is a special version and provides higher output voltages in a limited frequency range. Voltages up to 115 Vrms into 400 Ohm can be generated in this case at an output power of > 30 W and in a frequency range from 15 Hz to 20 kHz. Other output voltages (e.g. 230 Vrms) or frequency ranges are available on request.

Key Features

  • Frequency range DC to 500 kHz
  • Short-circuit and no-load proof
  • Feedback voltage protection up to 120 V
  • 115 Vrms output voltage with TOE 7608 S


Models (Consult datasheet for all technical specifications)

TOE-7608 S – Provides higher output voltages in a limited frequency range