Brand: Chroma
AC Power Supply 0-300V, 0-8A 6000W
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Product specifications

Mer information
Manufacturer Chroma
Art.nr CHR-61704
Powertype AC Supply
Output Single
Voltage 300,00
Current 8,00
Power 6 000,00


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Product description

The Chroma programmable AC power source 61700 series delivers pure, 5 wire, 3 phase AC power. Unlike the traditional 3-phase AC power source, it includes low power rating models at very low cost. It delivers the right solution to simulate all kinds of input condition of UUT to be utilized in R&D and QA. The output voltage and phase angle can be set. These kinds of function make the 61700 series can simulate unbalance 3-phase power.The AC+DC mode extends the output function to simulate abnormal situations when power lines contain DC offsets. The 61700 Series uses stat-of-the-art PWM technology, so it is capable to generate very clean AC output with typical distortion less than 0.3%. Using the standard included Soft panel software and the build in generator, allows the user to monitor, log and simulate certain test conditions. The frequency range of 15-1200Hz allows the user to use the power supply in military, avionics and marine applications.
  • 1.5 KVA 3 Phase
  • Voltage 0-150V, 0-300V
  • Frequency 15-1.2 kHz
  • Phase Angle 0-360° programmable
  • Build in PFC
  • AC+DC mode
  • Advance PWM technology
  • Easy to use softpanel software
  • Optional function for transient voltage output
  • Including interharmonics mode