EMC Webinar

EMC Webinar
April 15
10.00 hrs CET

Leading performance, high-resolution and affordable. See it with Pendulum Instruments before you CE it and join our webinar to find our more.

Pinpoint the EMC sources if you fail an EMC test at a Test lab & save time and money by avoiding revisits to the expensive accredited Test lab.

Scan in step sizes down to 0.1 mm in 2D, or 4D (3D + rotation of field probe) for frequencies up to 10 GHz with Pendulum probe kits. The system has no frequency limitation. Make your own probes and use it together with the system.

High-precision laser distance measurement option to maintain probe tip on an exactly preset distance to DUT.

Discover powerful visualization of EMC hotspots for any frequency in the powerful and easy-to-use EMC SW. Repetitive and consistent measurements enables easy comparative measurements between design alternatives.

Detect EMC problems and improve quality of your design early in the design phase when the cost for design changes still is low.

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