CN Rood Takes over T&M Systems

24 July 2015

C.N. Rood Takes over T&M Systems

Zoetermeer (NL)/Tilburg (NL)/Zellik (B) – C.N. Rood, supplier of knowledge and solutions related to test and measurement equipment, has announced that it will take over T&M Systems from 24 July 2015. The takeover means C.N. Rood is expanding its market position significantly, and the company is able to offer its clients an even more complete range of products and brands.


Ivo Kauffmann, CEO of C.N. Rood: ‘For C.N. Rood and its principals and clients, the takeover represents a major expansion of the possibilities. This will make C.N. Rood the largest independent supplier of testing and measuring equipment in the Benelux. C.N. Rood and T&M Systems are complementary: both companies individually occupy a strong market position in the Benelux, but with different clients, different products and different suppliers. The takeover means C.N. Rood gains access to markets which are new to us, such as security, defence, public transport and PCB board production. I anticipate cross-pollination between the two companies. This will enable us to expand our service and support provision with the knowledge and experience of T&M Systems. Service, support and client-specific product development simply are and will continue to be aspects in which we stand out.’

The takeover means the continuity of T&M Systems’ service provision is guaranteed over the longer term. T&M Systems is a financially sound company with extremely experienced employees. However, the current director/owner Martin van den Brandt (67) wished to take a step back. This has been made possible by the takeover. ‘Two things were extremely important to me in the transfer of my company,’ says Van den Brandt, ‘continuity for both the service provision and for the employees. That’s now possible with C.N. Rood, where I actually started my career back in 1977. They understand the business, and they are a reliable firm.’ Van den Brandt will continue to be involved until the end of 2015, to make the handover as smooth as possible. The T&M Systems staff will be employed by C.N. Rood. Full integration of T&M Systems into C.N. Rood will be completed by the end of the year.

Ivo Kauffmann: ‘C.N. Rood has grown through entering into long-lasting relationships with both clients and suppliers, and by constantly seeking out innovative technology. This takeover matches that policy, because by completing our range we can offer even more clients a technological advance. By joining our forces, we are taking a major step forward in our goal of always being ahead in the Benelux market.’

C.N. Rood, with branches in the Netherlands (Zoetermeer) and Belgium (Zellik), offers knowledge and solutions for government, science, education and industrial organisations in the Benelux. The spectrum of solutions varies from communications test equipment and general testing and measurement instruments to equipment for logistic automation, supplemented with consultancy, training and turnkey solutions

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