Brand: Telestream
Tektronix TG8000 Multiformat Test Signal Generator and Sync Pulse Generator.
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Fabrikant Telestream TEL-TG8000


TG8000 Multiformat Video Test Signal Generator

Master Sync / Master Clock Reference Generator

Tektronix video Sync pulse generators provide facility reference signals and ensure a stable facility timing source. Tektronix signal generators provide test signals for equipment verification and calibration applications, and support a wide variety of analog and digital formats to facilitate your technology transition.

Support for 3 Gb/s SDI and Dual Link SDI formats helps deployment of the latest emerging video technologies. Stay Genlock™ provides a unique, robust genlock mode that ensures stable signal synchronization for digital and traditional broadcast facilities. GPS Synchronization and Timecode Module with an integrated GPS receiver provide long-term reference clock stability. Also included are time-of-day and program timecode functions. Tektronix Automatic Changeover units provide facility reference signal redundancy within a Master and Slave SPG system.

The TG8000 is a precision multiformat analog and digital signal generation platform, designed for sync pulse and timecode generation in broadcasting applications and reference test signal generation in video equipment testing applications.


  • Multiformat analog and digital test signal generation
  • Ideal channel configuration and performance to support reference generator needs
  • Modular configurable platform
  • Stay GenLock™ – Unique, robust Genlock mode provides stable synchronization signals for digital and traditional broadcast facilities


  • Sync pulse generator and test signal generator for post production and broadcast facilities
  • Test signal generator for research and development
  • Equipment design and maintenance

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