File-based Quality Control

File base quality control

Tektronix hybrid IP / SDI infrastructure solutions provide objective information for a smooth transition from SDI-based to IP-based networked production workflows.

Our solutions effectively bridge the gap between the SDI and IP worlds of broadcast engineers and IT experts with minimal interruption in workflow. Software-based design provides scalable solutions that grow with your evolving needs and overcome complexities due to ongoing changes in standards.

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Advanced File-Based Quality Control

Understanding New Developments and Market Requirements for Content Suppliers and Video Service Providers. Major advances in file-based quality control (QC) technology have arrived just in time to provide suppliers of TV programming and motion pictures much-needed assurance that they can keep pace with demand in the fast-moving multiscreen services market. Tektronix, the market leader in file-based QC, has fully addressed these requirements for all broadcast, cable VOD and OTT syndication environments with introduction of the next-generation Aurora QC platform. As the backward- compatible successor to Cerify, the industry’s first file-based QC platform, Aurora QC delivers unmatched mission-critical performance in scalability, speed, ABR validation and QC analytics with support for 4K QC and integration into cloud- based workflows.

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Maintaining High Quality of Experience in an Adaptive Bitrate System

Broadcast TV has set a very high bar for viewer expectations and delivering a great quality of experience (QoE). As the trend and demand for multiscreen viewing and TV Everywhere or Over-The-Top (OTT) continues to grow, so does the demand for a high quality of experience with the best content on any device and at any time. Behind that multiscreen experience lies some very complex adaptive bit rate (ABR) technology and a new set of monitoring challenges.

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