Cable testing

C.N. Rood are distributing Doble portfolio of solutions to detect problems in cables and their terminations. Doble offers solutions for cable testing and monitoring that will help you identify manufacturing defects or insulation deterioration. These solutions can be combined with the support of our global engineering team and enhanced by the educational opportunities we offer throughout the year.

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Diagnostic Equipment

From the M4100 and M7100 insulation analyzers and our partial discharge line of equipment, Doble offers a range of options to test and monitor cables and their terminations. A combination of hand-held survey tools, insulation analyzer and monitoring equipment can help you locate defects and deterioration.

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Comprehensive Consulting & Testing Services

Rely on Doble’s consulting team as an extension of your organization. Our expert team can perform a variety of consulting and advanced cable testing services to complement your in-house team, recommending appropriate maintenance strategies and providing an unbiased, expert opinion.

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Laboratory Services

Doble has been providing laboratory services to the electric power industry since the 1930s. Doble’s labs perform over 200 different types of analytical tests on liquid and solid insulating materials. Doble lab analysts are considered to be the preeminent experts in DGA, oil quality and corrosive sulfur analysis.

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Client Services

Access unlimited expert consultation with a dedicated Doble Principal Engineer. Your engineer can consult with you on testing procedures, test data analysis, apparatus maintenance and more. This is one of the benefits of a contract with the Doble Client Services Group. Additional benefits include perpetual equipment warranty, equipment upgrades, on-site training, the AskDoble technical forum, and access to client only educational events including the Client Committee Meetings and the International Conference of Doble Clients.

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Knowledge Community

Knowledge is power. Doble offers a variety of training courses and seminars throughout the year. Options include client field seminars, committee meetings and conferences, web-based training, users groups and on-site training tailored to your team.

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