safety test equipment

Production, R&D and Quality Safety testing
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Fabrikant Elabo ELA-Elabo safety test equipment


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Elabo's  test systems and devices are used for both random sampling and routine tests during serial production as well as for type testing (approval) in the laboratory. They are in conformity with state-of-the-art requirements in industry and in leading test institutes.

The key advantage of Elabo’s devices is their modular design, which allows them to be flexibly combined with other expansion and accessory modules.

After introducing the series of High Performance devices Elabo launches a series of Best Performance devices. This line of newly developed measuring and test devices will also reliably and precisely allow all the required functionalities to be implemented and displayed. Thanks to its optional design, for example the use of a single-colour display, this series will be available at a very favourable price. We can test :

  • High Voltage 
  • Earth wire resistance 
  • Insulation test devices 
  • Leakage current test devices 
  • Combi testers 
  • Resisctance 
  • Power supply