RMU2U Rackmount


RMU2U Rackmount Shelf Kit

€ 168,00


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Fabrikant Tektronix
Art.nr. TEK-RMU2U


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Rackmount Shelf Kit for 1 or 2 Units

Supported Products

This rackmount kit supports the following Tektronix bench instruments:

  • FCA3000, FCA3003, FCA3020
  • FCA3100, FCA3103, FCA3120
  • MCA3027, MCA3040
  • PWS2185, PWS2323, PWS2326, PWS2721
  • PWS4204, PWS4305, PWS4323, PWS4602, PWS4721
  • DMM4020, DMM4040, DMM4050
  • AFG2021

PWS2000 Series and PWS4000 Series Power Supplies require 3U of height in a rack. The instrument's height, without boots, is 3 mm greater than 2U and 42 mm less than 3U. Filler panel 386-7598-00 may be used to fill the 42 mm gap above power supplies.