ProSim 8

Brand: Fluke Biomedical
Vital Signs Simulator with up to 8 patient signals simultaneous.
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Vanwege wereldwijde levertijden en fluctuerende voorraden kunt u de levertijd hier controleren.


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Fabrikant Fluke Biomedical FBC-3979411


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The ProSim 8 tests ECG (including fetal ECG/IUP and arrhythmias), respiration, temperature, IBP/cardiac catheterization, cardiac output, NIBP and SpO2 (including Masimo multi-wavelength Rainbow SET)s in a single 5-minute PM testing tool. Key Features: All-in-one patient simulator replacing 3 separate test tools. 8-in-1 multifunction patient simulator is a combination ECG simulator, fetal simulator, arrhythmia simulator, respiration simulator, temperature simulator, IBP simulator, cardiac output simulator, cardiac catheterization simulator, NIBP simulator, SpO2 tester, and is the premier SpO2 simulator to test Rainbow multi-wavelength waveforms. Stay-connected ECG posts for easy/secure ECG snap and lead connections. Custom SpO2 r-curve for accurate testing of the latest and future oximetry technologies. Static pressure linearity testing. Repeatable NIBP simulation for dynamic pressure repeatability testing. Physiologically synchronized pulses across all parameters. Onboard, customizable patient pre-sets and auto sequences for fast/easy testing. Integrated, easily-replaceable long-life battery. Optional Ansur plug-in software for complete maintenance automation. Wireless communication possible.