ProSim 2

Brand: Fluke Biomedical
The 4-in-1 patient monitor simulator for field use
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Fabrikant Fluke Biomedical FBC-4318341


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The just-right device with just the right amount of features. The ProSim 2 has sufficient simulations available for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair in the field. Key Features: Portable patient simulator for evaluating the performance of patient monitors. Just-right feature set includes ECG, pacemaker, arrhythmia and performance testing, respiration, invasive blood pressure, temperature. 43 high-quality ProSim 8 waveforms. Two IBP channels for dual channel invasive blood pressure simulation. Improved hardware includes stay-connected ECG posts and upgraded DIN connectors. Simplified user interface with four button navigation. Easily paired with other devices for comprehensive testing.