RaySafe Pro-CT Dose Phantom

Nested head, body and pediatric phantom with holes to place a CT sensor for CTDI measurements. Body is 32 cm, head 16 cm and pediatric is 10 cm.

RaySafe Pro-CT Dose Phantom

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Fabrikant RaySafe
Art.nr. FBR-1921058


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RaySafe offers a wide choice of phantoms for different applications. These phantoms are a great complement to the RaySafe X2, Xi, Solo and ThinX instruments for performing image quality on digital and analog radiography and fluoroscopic X-Ray systems. The RaySafe Pro-CT Dose phantom is designed to simulate pediatric and adult heads and bodies. The three piece phantom is used primarily for computed tomography dose index (CTDI) measurements essential within your CT quality control program. The nested phantom module design allows for size adjustment depending on what protocol is in use.