PicoScope 4444

Brand: Picotech
PicoScope 4444 oscilloscope

High-resolution differential oscilloscope. Not available separately: must be purchased with at least one of the Pico D9 accessories listed below.

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Fabrikant Picotech
Art.nr. PIC-PQ088


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The PicoScope 4444: a new standard in differential measurement

With four true differential inputs, 12- to 14-bit resolution and wide differential and common-mode voltage ranges, the PicoScope 4444 and its accessories offer accurate and detailed measurement for a multitude of applications. The two key accessories are the new PicoConnect™ differential voltage probes. We have used 9-pin D-type connectors to create a true differential probe interface. These Pico D9 connectors also allow the PicoScope software to automatically identify the probe and select the appropriate display settings. The TA271 and TA299 adaptors allow you to use the PicoScope 4444 with traditional BNC-connected accessories

4 true differential inputs

  • Flexible 12- or 14-bit resolution
  • 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 400 MS/s sampling rate
  • 256 MS capture memory
  • High common-mode rejection ratio
  • Balanced high-impedance inputs for a low circuit load
  • Intelligent probe interface

Measure differential signals with a single channel

  • Measure non-ground-referenced signals
  • Reject common-mode voltages in electronic and biomedical applications
  • Safely probe single and 3-phase voltages with 1000 V CAT III probes
  • Measure power drawn by mobile and IoT devices