Brand: XP Glassman

MJ Series 15 Watt Regulated 0-10KV High Voltage DC Module, negative polarity

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Meer informatie
Fabrikant XP Glassman
Art.nr. MJ10N1500
Type apparaat DC >= 1500V Supply
Uitgangen Single
Spanning 10.000,00
Stroom 0,00
Vermogen 15,00


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MJ Series 15 Watt Regulated High Voltage DC Modules


  • Current Regulation Unequalled in a Module of This Price Range. For example, the regulation from short circuit to rated voltage for the 15 kV, 1 mA model is ± 500 nanoamperes. 
  • Glassman's "Air Insulated" designs are completely serviceable; this module is not an epoxy block "throw away". 
  • AC Input: Eliminates the need, and expense of an auxiliary DC power source. 
  • Standard Accessories: Detachable 8' shielded output cable, and mating control connector. 
  • Constant Voltage/Current Operation - Standard 
  • Low Stored Energy: Less than 200 millijoules for most models. 

  • "Multi-Mode" operation permits maximum user flexibility. 
    • Local Voltage or Current Control, user selectable. 
    • Remote Voltage and/or Current Control via 0 ~ +10 Volt signal. 
    • Remote Voltage and/or Current Control via potentiometers. 
  • Protection: Overload, short circuit, and arc protection is provided by automatic current regulation and by careful surge limiting design. 
  • External Interlock Terminals 
  • TTL Enable/Disable 
  • Warranty. Standard power supplies are warranted for three years; OEM and modified power supplies are warranted for one year. A formal warranty statement is available.