Miro N-Series

Brand: Vision Research

Miro N5 Camera head: A small cube camera head (32mm x 32mm) x 29mm) 1000 fps @ 512 x 512.

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Fabrikant Vision Research
Art.nr. Miro N-Series


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The new Phantom® Miro® N-Series brings Vision Research’s high-speed imaging technology to the smallest and harshest of environments.
Thanks to the 32mm cube shaped camera head (the Miro N5) being completely removed from the camera body the Phantom Miro N-Series gives users the ability to capture images from locations and angles that were never before accessible.
The 0.5Mpx sensor achieves 250mpx/s, with 560 frames per second (fps) at maximum resolution of 768 x 600 and over 1,000 fps @ 512 x 472.
The Base functions like Miro C210J camera, complete with 8GB of RAM, 128GB internal CineFlash, and battery for back-up.All componets are interchangeable for maximum convenience and flexability, and the system is Hi-G and test to 150G Shock.