MDO3LMT (Limit and Mask Testing)


Limit and Mask Testing Application Module

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Fabrikant Tektronix TEK-MDO3LMT


MDO3LMT Limit and Mask Testing Application Module

Enables testing against limit templates generated from "golden" waveforms and mask testing using custom masks.

Limit/Mask testing

A common task during the development process is characterizing the behavior of certain signals in a system. One method, called limit testing, is
to compare a tested signal to a known good or "golden" version of the same signal with user-defined vertical and horizontal tolerances.

Another common method, called mask testing, is to compare a tested signal to a mask, looking for where a signal under test violates the mask.

The MDO3000 Series offers both limit and mask testing capability useful for long-term signal monitoring, characterizing signals during design, or testing on a production line. Tailor a test to your specific requirements by defining test duration in number of waveforms or time, a violation threshold that must be met before considering a test a failure, counting hits along with statistical information, and actions upon violations, test failure, and test complete. Whether specifying a mask from a known good signal or from a custom mask, conducting pass/fail tests in search of waveform anomalies such as glitches has never been easier.