MacPanel APEX

Brand: MacPanel
MacPanel APEX Simple, Versatile UUT Connection
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Fabrikant MacPanel MAC-APEX


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MAC Panel’s ground breaking new connector, APEX, offers up to 260 contacts in multiple design configurations. APEX sets new standard in connectivity. APEX high performance contacts are 1.0 mm and 300% stronger than contacts in other 0.1”pitch connectors. They also have 5 amps current rating. All APEX plugs and sockets have the option of using either cable connections or can be mounted on a PCB, offering maximum design flexibility. APEX Hybrid has the capability to combine up 20 Power or Coax contacts with 80 Signal contacts.

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APEX Benefits

  • Improved contacts
  • 5 amp rating (signal)
  • 25 amp rating (power contact)
  • Outstanding Cable Management
  • Versatile Accessories