Power Cart

Brand: Elabo
Material provisioning cart with modular options and integrated power supply
Material provisioning cart with modulair options and integrated power supply
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Vanwege wereldwijde levertijden en fluctuerende voorraden kunt u de levertijd hier controleren.


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Fabrikant Elabo
Art.nr. ELA-Power-Carts


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  • Electrification can be provided in upright 
  • Lockable access to bottom assembly 
  • 4 large double swivel casters Ø 125 mm, of which 2 are lockable casters 



  • 975 mm


  • 685 mm

Height (mounting height)

  • 1187/(960) mm
  • 1667/(1440) mm
  • 1907/(1680) mm
  • with 3 RU electrical top unit 1689/(1260) mm
Primus-One Power Carts are fully flexible carts for use within the Lab or production area. They can be equiped with different test equipment, safety testers, oscilloscopes and AC/DC sources for automated testing Please contact us for configuration and pricing