Brand: Kikusui
TOS9301PD AC/DC Hipot Tester with Insulation Resistance and Partial Discharge Test
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Fabrikant Kikusui KIK-TOS9301PD


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Max output-voltage of AC hipot testing: 5kV / 100mA(500VA), Max output-voltage of DC hipot testing: 5kV /20mA,7.2kV / 13.9mA(100W), Measurement range of insulation resistance testing: 0.001M Ω to 100.0G Ω(DC-25V to -1000V / DC+50V to +7200V), Rise-time control / Fall-time control function provided, Output voltage and panel settings are controlled through LAN / USB / RS-232C.

Key features:

  • AC 5kV/100mA (500VA)
  • DC 5 kV/20mA 7,2kV/13,9mA (100W)
  • 0,001 MΩ to 100GΩ (DC -25V to -1000V / DC +50V to +7200V
  • Partial Discharge
  • TOS9320 4 channel high voltage scanner with contact check function (option)