IFR 6000 Transponder/DME/TCAS Flight Line Test Set

Brand: Viavi
Industry standard test solution for installed systems
The IFR 6000 is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof unit designed for testing transponders in avionics systems.
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Fabrikant Viavi
Art.nr. VAV-6000


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The IF6000 is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof unit designed for testing transponder modes A/C/S, 1090 MHz ADS-B and 978 MHz UAT, TCAS I and II, and DME. The IFR6000 features an extremely easy to use interface where every parameter the user commonly needs to view is displayed on screen. The IFR6000 is the only ramp test set capable of verifying all aspects of next generation transponder testing, including ADS-B testing, FIS-B and TIS-B testing. Most tests can be completed without leaving the main user screens. This simplifies the line technician’s testing task.

Individual test modes: Mode S, ATCRBS Transponder, DME, TCAS, TIS, ADS-B MON/ ADS-B GEN (DO-260A/B), 978MHz UAT Large keys for gloved operation Simple user interface Lightweight and compact at 8 lbs. Battery operation 6 hours plus between charges Fully FAR part 43 appendix F compliant Transponder Auto-Test Data dump of transponder test results to PC Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance parameters (DAP’s) Transponder level automatically determined and capability checked to avoid nuisance Auto-Test failures Comprehensive GICB test Configuration files for different classes of transponder Comprehensively tests any DME channel including track sensitivity User selectable TCAS scenarios TCAS fast scenario feature uses Auto Altitude and Converge to ensure automatic collision at zero range Over-the-air or direct-connect operation Parametric measurements including TX power and frequency USB flash drive software update via web site download Optional ADS-B capabilities are DO-260A/B compliant Optional TCAS and 978 MHz UAT capability Optional testing using UC-584 Coupler

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