Fast Reporter2

Brand: EXFO
DATA POST-PROCESSING SOFTWARE for OTDR, ORL, CD, PMD: Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) Live templating for OTDR testing Powerful batch processing Bidirectional batch analysis for iOLM (patent-pending) and OTDR Automatic tool for duplicated measurement verifi cation Live field reporting (FTB-1, FTB-2, FTB-2 Pro) OTDR and iOLM loopback reporting EXFO Connect (EC) integration
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Vanwege wereldwijde levertijden en fluctuerende voorraden kunt u de levertijd hier controleren.


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Fabrikant EXFO Fast Reporter2


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ONE SOFTWARE DOES IT ALL From loss, ORL, OTDR and iOLM testing to advanced optical characterization—including PMD and CD—the analysis of fiber-optic T&M data presents various challenges: