F-16 IFF Coupler Kit

Brand: Viavi
Coupler Kit for IFF and Transponder tests

The F-16 IFF coupler kit solves the problem of overthe-air testing resulting in unreliable radiated power and transponder minimum trigger level testing in multi-path ramp and hangar environments.

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Meer informatie
Fabrikant Viavi
Art.nr. VIA-140600


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Key Benefits

  • Interrogator coupler mounts over the aircrafts’ four element interrogator antenna array
  • Transponder coupler mounts over top and bottom transponder antennas
  • Interrogator coupler kit supports all blocks of F-16 aircraft
  • Transponder coupler kit supports all F-16 blocks (except F-16A/B, blocks 10/20, new kit coming soon)
  • Interfaces with most IFF ramp test equipment
  • EMI gasketing eliminates stray transmissions and interference
  • Eliminates DD-1494 requirement
  • Reliable effective radiated power
  • Transponder minimum trigger level testing