Brand: Dranetz
Handheld Electrical Energy and Power Demand Analyzer. Demand/Energy, Harmonics, sag/swell detection. 50/60Hz, AC/DC, 256 samples/cycle, 8 channels (4 voltage, 4 current), color touch LCD display. Only available in packages
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Fabrikant Dranetz
Art.nr. DRA-EP1


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Energy Platform EP1

The Energy Platform EP1 is an innovative and essential tool for any electrical energy monitoring application. Whether you want to understand your utility costs, improve efficiency, install energy savings devices, explore alternative energy solutions or even determine your carbon footprint, Energy Platform provides the essential monitoring tools to meet your energy monitoring requirements. Energy Platform’s 1/4 VGA color touch display, automatic setups, easy to read reports and Energy Platform Report Writer (EPRW) software provide a simple to use, yet powerful tool for any application.