DS2800 Cable TV Analyzer

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Fabrikant Deviser
Art.nr. DEV-DS2800


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DS2800 Cable TV Analyzer

The DS2800 is truly an “all-in-one” tool for performing installation, verification and maintenance of the cable network. Its unique features, such as persistence testing and EVS analysis, enable technicians to quickly detect and isolate impairments that were not visible in the past. The analyzer reduces operational expenses by ensuring a proper installation on the first visit and by shortening the time during service calls.

Key Benefits:

• An all-in-one tool for installation, verification and maintenance of cable networks

• Ensure proper installation on the first visit reducing service calls

• Persistence testing finds hidden transient noise under the return path signal

• Detect interference from LTE with EVS masks

• View both the QAM and spectrum analysis simultaneously, eliminating the need to switch between screens to obtain the overall signal statistics

• Run in-service CTB, CSO and C/N tests with gated measurements

• Future-proof spectrum analyzer that covers up to 210 MHz for upstream

• Quickly identify linear distortion impairments with equalizer, frequency response and group delay measurements

• Automated FCC proof-of-performance test

• Long battery life of 8 hours enables all day testing

Key Features:

• Fast spectrum analysis with 80 dB dynamic range

• QAM/Digital TV analysis

• Integrated DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem

• Ultra-fast QAM signal lock

• Gated measurements

• Equalizer, frequency response and group delay

• FCC Analog/Digital Proof-of-Performance automated tests

• Transport stream (TS)/MPEG analysis in PID with TR-101 290 MPEG monitoring

• Persistence testing

• In-Service error vector spectrum (EVS) testing

• Simultaneous display of QAM and spectrum analysis

• Integrated return path sweep

• Upstream signal generator

• Wifi Analysis

• Ethernet Test