Wentworth Custom Wafer Probers

Brand: Wentworth
Customized and integrated wafer probing solutions

Probing systems fully based on custom specific requirements.

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Manufacturer Wentworth

Product description

Wentworth Laboratories, with over 50 years of experience, has the ability to create customized and integrated wafer probing solutions.

The extensive range of standard wafer probe stations, which includes a wide selection of options and assessories, covers most common test needs in semiconductor test.   If the application cannot be realized with the standard offering, Wentworth can configure a customized solution meeting the specific requirements at an affordable cost.

Several solutions for different applications have been realized.   Examples include a Dual-stage prober 12" integrating sphere to test medical imaging devices on wafer, a Flying Arm Prober to enable testing of irregular probing geometries on large devices or panels, a 360° Chuck to enable simultaneous probing and sensing, and a Laser System to measure the deflection angle on MEMS devices.

Wide range of applications including

  • MEMS
  • High voltage
  • Photonics
  • Compound semiconductors
  • Flexible and printed electronics
  • Optoelectronics including VCELs devices and MicroLED

Customization Examples include 

  • Customized wafer handling system, including thin/fragile wafers
  • Bespoke chuck systems, including interchangeable chucks
  • Singulated device testing
  • Reverse side illuminated integrating sphere utilizing glass/quartz chucks