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Today’s consumers are demanding smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more capable electronics than ever before with ever-longer operating times. To address these conflicting demands, researchers need to develop new materials, miniaturize existing devices, and enhance device efficiencies. The effort to boost device density and performance while reducing power consumption has led to research into graphene and other two-dimensional (2-D) solids with high carrier mobility, as well as organic semiconductors and nano-scale devices.

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Cyclic Voltammetry and other electrochemical tests, with versitile Potentiostat

There is big search for new and better batteries for variety of applications.  A battery consists of cells.  Each cell has an eletrolyt and three electrodes.  To characterize this cell, a Keithley SourceMeasureUnit has been supplied with testprotocols for several electrochemical tests including cyclic voltammetry.  Operation through a TouchScreen and grafical results directly available on the screen enables to have immediately access to the results they are looking for.

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Hall Effect Measurements to determine electrical properties of materials

Hall Effect Measurements determines the basic electrical properties of materials including resistance, concentration and mobility of carriers, conductance type ( p or n type ) etc.   These measurements are peformed on existing materials ( for quality purposes ) and on new materials for (semi) conducting and insulations applications.

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