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Proces monitoring

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Independent Proces Monitoring

In a full automated production line, down time of the process is aimed to be at a minimum and at a as short as possible time. This requires the monitoring of several parameters through sensors and data of machines and control hardware like PLC's. Fo this purpose a datalogger is needed which can readout the signals from analog and digital sensors, and can retrieve data through communication busses like ProfiBus, ModBus and OPC UA.   This datalogger should be able to analyse the data if limits are exceeded and alarms needs to be activated.

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Power Quality monitoring

Our PQube 3 power monitor captures all types of power disturbances that can damage or disrupt the textile production process. Easily install it at the terminals of sensitive equipment where the problem will be most visible. You can also use our
Industrial Power Corruptor (IPC) to simulate standard disturbances and increase equipment immunity.

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DataTaker dEX2.0 software

Since Adobe Flash isn’t supported anymore, dataTaker created a new software to program your logger and request the measured data, called dEX2.0. 

In this document, we’ve created a brief overview of dEX2.0, how to use it and most important, how to switch from the old dEX to dEX2.0. 

If you have any question after reading this document, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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