RaySafe Solo

Brand: RaySafe
Depending on the RaySafe Solo model used, parameters such as kVp, dose, dose rate, pulses, time, mA and mAs are simultaneously measured. Options, such as direct HVL and total filtration measurements and waveform display further enhance the RaySafe Solo ex

RaySafe Solo X-Ray Analyzer

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Manufacturer RaySafe
Réf. FBR-1225015


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Product description

The RaySafe Solo comes in several models, consisting of a detector and a Base Unit for read-out of the measured data. The detector is connected to the Base Unit using a detachable 2 or 10 meter cable. Simply connect the detector and you are ready for measurements. By pressing one of the two buttons on the RaySafe Solo Base Unit, all functions and results can easily be viewed on the three row back-lit alphanumerical display. Whether your application is dose rate measurements on fluoroscopy or a kVp measurement on DR machines, the RaySafe Solo is capable of handling many user scenarios. From low dose rate measurements up to high dose exposures, one detector ensures high precision regardless of beam quality