Brand: Delta Elektronika
Autoranging DC Power Supply 0-66V, 0-55A; 0-33V, 0-110A 3300W

DC autoranging Power Supply 0-33V/0-110A or 0-66V/0-55A

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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Delta Elektronika
Réf. DEL-SM66-AR-110
Powertype DC Supply
Output Single
Voltage 66,00
Current 110,00
Power 3 300,00


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Product description

The SM3300 series is designed for long life at full power, has an excellent dynamic response to load changes and EMC surpasses CE requirements: low emission and high immunity.


  • Modular platform with upgradable remote control interfaces
  • Operation on single and three phase input voltage
  • Designed for long life at full power
  • Standard Ethernet interface, LXI class C
  • High Voltage isolation up to 1200V
  • USB-input(optional)
  • Sequencer for arbitrary waveform generator or stand-alone automation
  • Excellent dynamic response to load changes
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • EMC surpasses CE requirements: low emission & high immunity
  • Low audible noise: fan is temperature controlled


  • Master/Slave parallel and series operation with voltage and current sharing
  • Stacking is allowed, space between units is not required
  • High power system configuration from multiple units
  • 19” rack mounting or laboratory use (feet included)
  • Remote sensing  Interlock

Typical applications:

  • Accurate current sources
  • Plasma chambers
  • Car test systems
  • Automotive battery simulation
  • ATE in industrial production lines
  • Controlled battery (dis)charging
  • Lasers
  • Driving PWM-controlled DC motors
  • Solar Inverter testing, PV-simulation
  • Aerospace and military equipment

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