Sentinel Calnex Field Sync Testers

Sentinel All-in-one field sync tester PTP, NTP, SyncE and TDM

The all-in-one field sync tester for 4G and 3G Mobile Backhaul, Financial Networks and Power Comms

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Product specifications

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Manufacturer CALNEX
Réf. Sentinel


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Product description

All-in-one Tester

  • PTP, NTP, SyncE and TDM
  • Multi-port, simultaneous measurements

Embedded GPS Rx and Rubidium

  • High performance. Optional battery to maintain Rb in holdover during transit

Analysis and Reporting

  • Industry standard or vendor specific masks
  • Built-in in or offline analysis using Calnex Analysis Tool (CAT)
  • Professional reports

Capture and Replay

  • Capture live network conditions and replay in the lab to troubleshoot issues

Evaluate Readiness of Networks

  • For LTE-A, TDD LTE and small cell deployment. Test network phase accuracy. Validate network performance to ITU-T limits
  • Measure and analyze metrics: PDV, FPP, TE, MTIE/TDEV
  • Troubleshoot Network Problems. Identify root causes and suggest solutions
  • Measure Time Error (TE) Over The Air (OTA).