PSL IPC Industrial Power Corruptor

Brand: Powerside
Standard Power Quality Disturbance Generator
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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Powerside
Réf. IPC


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Product description

Creates voltage sags, swells, and interruptions for testing industrial equipment immunity.

Use to test equipment rated at up to 200 amps. The standard generator for equipment certification: SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-11, IEC 61000-4-34. Built-in 29-channel digital oscilloscope recorder. Optional power flow recorder for SEMI E6, too.

Simple and Intuitive Disturbance controls.

Amplitude, duration, angle of sags can be adjusted manually. Or you can select one of the many built-in standards. The Test Margin button lets you select a design margin for your testing. Once you're set, just arm and fire the event!

AC power comes through the left, and goes out at right to the load.

Just break a power cable, and insert the Industrial Power Corruptor - with standard accessories, it can accomodate wires from 18AWG to 00.

Every IPC works with single-phase, three-phase delta, and three-phase-wye (star) systems.

Exclusive safety features

Available only in the Industrial Power Corruptor - user-adjusted trip current (far left), and knob-selected disturbed phase, optimized for SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-11, and IEC 61000-4-34.

Another safety feature

Critical switches have mechanical shields, preventing accidental operation. And any current flowing through any of the IPC earth connections (not shown) trips the main circuit breaker - another safety feature.

Modular and Customizable

The Industrial Power Corruptor is highly modular, making repairs and upgrades easy. The IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) module is highlighted at left. This module uses 1200 volt, 600 amp bipolar transistors to perform precision power transitions. 

IPC Software

The Industrial Power Corruptor software package runs on any Windows® computer (Windows 95®, Windows 98®, Windows 2000®, Windows NT®, and Windows XP®), including DBC versions for Asian languages. Delivered on a CD-ROM, the software package manages most of the IPC operation. However, critical timing applications are handled by the five processors inside the IPC, and, for safety reasons, all power events are controlled from switches on the IPC.

The 28-channel data acquisition system in every Industrial Power Corruptor helps you solve any problems in your equipment.

Zoom in and out, sunchronize channels, convert waveforms to RMS, and more. The example above shows a DC power bus (top graph) that has been affected by a voltage sag (middle graph). Other graphs (not shown) let you examine currents and more voltage channels. No need to hook up dangerous voltage leads or current clamps to your AC lines - they're all automatically sensed inside the IPC.

The IPC Software helps you document every aspect of your testing

great for writing reports later on! Power Flow Option You can use the real-time Vector Scope to examine phase rotation, unbalance, and more.

The Power Flow Option

also gives you real-time oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers - great for tracking down harmonics problems.You can connect the scope inputs, via software, to any power line voltage or current - no need for dangerous probes!Every IPC graph can be instantly copied to the clipboard, ready for pasting into Microsoft Word or any other report writing program.The meters in the Power Flow Option let you examine every important power flow parameter, real time. And the resettable min/max meters capture the lowest and highest values.There's even a kWh meter that measures the cost of electric power for the equipment that you're testing.