RaySafe Pro-Digi Radiography Phantom

Brand: RaySafe
Made for acceptance and constancy tests of digital radiography equipment. Used for collimation/ beam alignment, dynamic range, spatial resolution, contrast resolution, homogeneity.

RaySafe Pro-Digi Radiography Phantom

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Product specifications

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Manufacturer RaySafe
Réf. FBR-1922078

Product description

RaySafe offers a wide choice of phantoms for different applications. These phantoms are a great complement to the RaySafe X2, Xi, Solo and ThinX instruments for performing image quality on digital and analog radiography and fluoroscopic X-Ray systems. The RaySafe Pro-Digi Radiography phantom is a multi-functional phantom designed for digital radiography equipment constancy tests. It is used for analyzing beam alignment, dynamic range, contrast resolution, spatial resolution, and homogeneity. The versatility of the phantom enables to bring only this phantom for the image quality check and it also reduces amount of exposures and time spent while performing the needed tests. The phantom complies with the standards IEC 61223-3-1, DIN 6868-58 and DIN 6868-13.