PicoSource PG911

Brand: Picotech
Dual step-recovery outputs, <60 ps rise time
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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Picotech
Réf. PIC-PP977
Bus Decoding Ethernet, USB


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Product description

PicoSource® PG900 Series USB differential pulse generators

The fast-transition pulse can stimulate a transmission path, device, or network with a broad-spectrum signal in a single instant. These signals, combined with differential capability, are valuable for making high-speed broadband measurements in many fields such as time domain reflectometry, semiconductor testing, gigabit interconnect and port testing, and in radar systems. High-speed differential data is becoming the dominant measurement challenge in digital, computing, interconnect and telecommunications systems. Despite this need, cost-effective, fast-transition differential pulse generators were hard to find ... until now.

Key specifications PicoSource PG911 and PG914

  • • Integrated 50 Ω SMA(f) step recovery diode outputs
  • • < 60 ps single-ended pulse transition time
  • • Two 2.5 V to 6 V variable amplitude outputs
  • • ±1 ns timing deskew in 1 ps steps
  • • 20 dB 10 GHz SMA(m-f) attenuators supplied fitted to SRD pulse outputs

All PicoSource PG900 models

  • • Differential outputs
  • • 200 ns to 4 μs pulse width
  • • Adjustable 1 μs to 1 s internal clock period
  • • Typical 3.0 ps RMS jitter relative to external trigger