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Offline Camera Inspection
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Product description

  • Single system for inspection of objects

  • Combination of diverse application tasks in the THT area which take place before a wave soldering or selective soldering oven

  • Typical tests include confirmation of the mechanical assembly, presence, placement and orientation of plugs, stickers, fixings, reading of barcodes and data matrix codes

  • Inspection of workers process flow
Camera Unit C42

Resolution 42 megapixels (7716 x 5364 pixels)
Aspect ratio 3:2, pixel size (on object) depending on focal
length and working distance
RGB-color filter on CMOS sensor,
Color depth 24 bit

Light Source

No external lighting unit necessary. Works with ambient light in the production environment. Automatic white balance and auto-exposure ensure stable tests

Lens 1:1.4 – 25.5 mm, other lenses optionally (C-mount)

Inspection area with
standard lens

Operation range up to 420mm x 530mm (16.52 in x 20.80 in)
Minimum distance of camera 280 mm (11.02 in)

Test Speed Image acquisition including analysis: typically 2-4 seconds
System PC

Intel i7 QuadCore 4th-Generation 4 x 2,7GHz, 16GB DDR3-RAM, 2 x 1Gb/s Network interface, I/O module, 1 x 240GB SSD mSATA 1 x 1TB HDD SATA, Windows 10 Professional/LTSB 64Bit, Acronis Backupsoftware, Keyboard, Mouse, Operator Keyboard, 24“ Full-HD IPS 16:9 Monitor

Dimensions and

Camera unit (LxWxH): 36mm x 36 mm x 21 mm (1.41 in x 1.41 in x 0.83 in), weight ca. 300 g (0.66 lbs)

Connection values

230 V / 50 Hz P1 or 110 V / 60 Hz
power consumption PC: 300 W
power consumption monitor: 120 W