Brand: Hioki
Chemical Impedance Analyzer
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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Hioki
Réf. HIO-IM3590


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Product description

The Hioki Chemical Impedance Analyzer is designed to perform impedance (LCR) measurements of electrochemical components and materials. It offers functionalities such as the Cole-Cole plot generation and equivalent circuit analysis with a broad measurement frequency range of 1mHz to 200kHz.
  • High Speed, High precision and easy to use operation.
  • Cole-Cole plot
  • Temperature measurement and time interval measurement
  • Electrochemical equivalent circuit analysis
  • Sweep function (frequency and signal level)
  • Equivalent circuit analysis of electronic components
  • Saving and reading data via front-loading USB port
  • Connecting to PC or PLC via RS232C, LAN or GP-IB