Brand: Fluke Industrial
Charging base (Ti200/Ti300/Ti400)

Charging base for Ti-SBP3 and SBP4 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Packs. Use with models TiX560, TiX520, TiX500, Ti450, Ti400, Ti300, Ti200, TiS75, TiS65, TiS60, TiS55, TiS50, TiS45, TiS40, TiS20, TiS10, Ti125, Ti110, Ti105, Ti100, Ti95, Ti90, TiR125, TiR110, TiR105, Ti32, TIR32, Ti29, TiR29, Ti27 and TiR27.

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Manufacturer Fluke Industrial
Réf. FLU-4354922

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