Brand: XP Glassman
FJ series HV power supply, 0-1.5KV, 120W Negative Polarity High Voltage DC power supply 0-1.5kV, 0-80 mA, 120W

FJ series HV power supply, 0-1.5KV, 120W negative polarity

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Product specifications

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Manufacturer XP Glassman
Réf. GLA-FJ1.5N80
Powertype DC >= 1500V Supply, DC Supply
Output Single
Voltage 1 500,00
Current 0,08
Power 120,00


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Product description

The FJ series 120W HV power supplies features flexible embedded controls with low ripple and noise. They are air insulated, fast response units, with tight regulation and extreme low arc discharge current.

  • Arc Quench. The HV output is inhibited for a short period after each load arc to help extinguish the arc. 
  • Arc Count. Internal circuitry constantly senses and integrates arcs that occur over a given time. In the event a system or load arcing problem develops and exceeds factory-set parameters, the power supply will cycle off in an attempt to clear the fault and then automatically restart after a preset “off dwell time”. 
  • Pulse-Width Modulation. Off-the-line-pulse-width modulation provides high efficiency and a reduced parts count for improved reliability. 
  • Embedded Microcontroller Control. Front panel digital encoders provide high resolution local adjustment of voltage and current program. Integral RS-232, USB and optional Ethernet communications provide remote control program and monitor. 
  • Low Ripple. Ripple is less than 0.02% of rated voltage at full load. 
  • Air Insulated. The FJ Series features "air" as the primary dielectric medium. No oil or encapsulation is used to impede serviceability or increase weight. 
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation. Automatic crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current regulation provides protection against overloads, arcs, and short circuits. 
  • Redundant Thermal Overload Protection. Thermostats and fan RPM sensing shut down the power supply due to over temperature or reduced fan speeds. 
  • Tight Regulation. Voltage regulation is better than 0.005% for allowable line and load variations. 
  • Current regulation is better than 0.1% from short circuit to rated voltage. Constant Current/Current Trip. A rear panel switch allows selection of either current mode. 
  • Slow Start. Adjustable ramp time from 0 - 30 seconds. Output ramps from 0 V to programmed voltage level. 
  • Warranty. Standard power supplies are warranted for three years; OEM and modified power supplies are warranted for one year. A formal warranty statement is available.