EME Guard XS

Brand: MVG

80-6 000 MHz

The EME Guard XS is an EMF measuring device to alert workers near antennas. It continously scans for electromagnetic waves and, via its built-in alarm and visual system, alerts users whenever the acceptable limits have been exceeded. This RF Safety tool is extremely easy to use and creates a safer working environment in the areas of installation and maintenance.

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Product specifications

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Manufacturer MVG
Réf. EME Guard XS


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Product description

EME Guard XS

An EMF Monitoring Device to Alert Workers Near Antennas

Main features
User profile :
Persons working near antennas including installation and maintenance workers, broadcast, PMR and mobile phone operators or regulatory body employees

Measurement capabilities;

  • Continuous monitoring of Electromagnetic Field levels with isotropic tri-axis E-field sensors EMF Level indicated by a LED color scale
  • Audio and visual alarms triggered when EMF exceeds the reference level

 Frequency bands

  • 80 MHz – 6 GHz

Safety recommendations
FCC 96-326
Safety Code 6
2013/35/UE  New EU Directive

Product Configuration


EME Guard XS

MVG Case

Wirst strap


Connecting adapter


2 x 1.5 V Size N Alkaline batteries

Instructions for use


Initial calibration

Additional calibration

Extended warranty

Included Optional


•FCC 96-326

•Safety Code 6

•2013/35/UE New EU Directive

•Alarm threshold can be adjusted at MVG factory upon request