Eagle MTS 180

The Eagle offers low testing costs for high volume production.
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Manufacturer Digitaltest
Réf. DIG-MTS180


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Product description

The Eagle MTS 180 is the most economical solution for high-volume production. The in-circuit tester is equipped with a press, so that you can dispense with expensive vacuum fixtures. The pneumatic press allows you to develop highly complex fixtures at minimal cost.

The Eagle MTS 180 can be equipped with up to 3,456 analog and hybrid in-circuit test pins at 5,500 N, making it the ideal test system for EMS service providers and high-volume production. In addition, the test system can be equipped with functional modules for greater fault coverage or configured as a function tester.

  • Up to 3,456 pins at 5,500 N
  • Maximum board size: 430 x 310 mm
  • System size (LxWxD): 1000 x 1700 x 860 mm
  • Double sided testing
  • Analog and digital in-circuit test (low voltage technology), functional test, end-of-line test, Boundary Scan
  • Vectorless test
  • Available as Lambda Edition for real parallel testing