DPO3PWR (Power Analysis)

Brand: Tektronix

Power Analysis Application Module

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Product specifications

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Manufacturer Tektronix

Product description

DPO3PWR Power Analysis Application Module

Enables quick and accurate analysis of power quality, switching loss, harmonics, safe operating area (SOA), modulation, ripple, and slew rate (dI/dt, dV/dt).


Recommended Probing - Differential Voltage; Current


Power quality measurements

  • VRMS, VCrest Factor, Frequency, IRMS, ICrest Factor, True Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor, Phase Angle

Switching loss measurements

  • Power loss
    • TOn, TOff, Conduction, Total
  • Energy loss
    • TOn, TOff, Conduction, Total


  • THD-F, THD-R, RMS measurements up to 400 harmonics
  • Graphical and table displays of harmonics
  • Test to IEC61000-3-2 Class A and MIL-STD-1399 Section 300 A

Ripple measurements

  • VRipple and IRipple

Modulation analysis

  • Graphical display of +Pulse Width, –Pulse Width, Period, Frequency, +Duty Cycle, and –Duty Cycle modulation types

Safe operating area

  • Graphical display and mask testing of switching device safe operating area measurements

dV/dt and dI/dt measurements

  • Cursor measurements of slew rate

Recommended deskew values automatically calculated based on propagation delay. Deskews can be set to recommended values or adjusted manually.